Child showing education is a right for everyone

Published by adviser, Author: Paige Niezelski - FMLA, Date: November 16, 2012

As we become globalized and events are seen around the world, one important issue humanity faces is the preservation of human rights. Amnesty International is one organization I am involved with that stands up for people whose human rights have been violated by their government. Education is a right many people around the world do not enjoy. In some geographical areas, children cannot attend school because of ideology, wartime conflict, or inadequate educational centers.

Malala Yousafzai, a girl from Pakistan, is one person about which Amnesty is educating people, Malala is a child activist speaking up for the right to education for girls in Pakistan. Malala lives in an area of Pakistan where the Taliban tries to prevent girls from attending school. On October 9, 2012 Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban on her way home from school. She was in critical condition for several days and later sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom.  She is currently progressing in her recovery.

At the Amnesty International Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference held in Washington DC, I marched on Washington for the right to education for Malala and other people around the world. Some chants we yelled were “Malala, Malala, you are not alone,” “When education is under attack, stand up, fight back” and “We want human rights, support the Dream Act.”  We held up signs with educational messages and lit candles to shine a light on Malala and others. A group of more than 300 marched in solidarity for Malala and other people fighting for their right to education.

As I marched I began to think about the education I have received in the United States. From an early age I have safely gotten on a school bus and been able to attend school. I have learned math, science, English, and history from qualified teachers in fine facilities. Not once has anyone told me I cannot go to school. My entire life I have been encouraged to attend school. Now I am attending college with an opportunity to earn a bachelors degree in Political Science and Philosophy. In some places of the world, girls cannot attend primary schooling and are harassed, abused, or sometimes killed on their way to the classroom. Why should I have the right to education, but not others like me around the world?
Why should we march and raise our voices?  Simple, humanity cannot afford for us to be silent. If we are silent, we submit to ignorance.  Silence condones the wicked acts of others. Silence is not progressive. And silence takes away many voices around the world the need to be heard. Don’t be silent, be loud! Make your voice heard and unite with others. Together, we can yell for justice, yell for rights, and yell for people.


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