Knowing the issues is key before you cast your vote

Published by adviser, Author: Carly Masiroff - FMLA, Date: November 5, 2012

I know. I know. It is almost November 6. I also celebrate the first time “Peter Pan” was performed on Broadway in 1897. No? There is something else going on, on that date? Oh, the election. That’s right.

On November 6, 1917, three years before it was legal in the United States for women to vote, the state of New York allowed women to go to the polls for the first time. Imagine for just a minute that you are a woman, who pays taxes, has to follow the laws and has a career (either in a business or at home), but you can’t vote. It is something that I know I take for granted every year. But then I remember, I have a voice. I am allowed to vote.

I know everyone is fed up with the election coverage. I’m sick of it, even though I love politics. But, I do want to urge you to get out and vote on Tuesday. I know I should say that every election is important, but this one in particular really is.

You are probably wondering why I said this is a very important election. I say this because the rights that we, as women especially, take for granted are on the chopping block. If you are a woman, make sure you know the candidates’ stances on your rights. If you are a man who loves a woman, make sure you know the candidates’ stances on their rights.

Did you know that even today, a woman with a college degree will make less money on average than a man without a high school diploma? Decision-makers elected in 2012 will make decisions about pay equity, education, minimum and livable wage laws, family and sick leave policies, welfare, and economic policies that will create or lose jobs. This is important to me, is it to you?

Did you know that Title X is facing its worst threat in decades? Anti-abortionists in the House of Representatives have voted to defund Planned Parenthood. This organization is not an abortion hut. It provides services such as: birth control, vaginal exams, cancer screenings, and HIV/AIDS testing. Without these services millions of women will lose access to affordable health care. This is important to me, is it to you?

Did you know that the next Congress and President will shape the United States role in globalization, our global trade policies, whether we crack down on sweatshops and protect workers’ rights internationally from Mexico to the Marianas Islands, and what we do to stop human trafficking? This is important to me, is it to you?

I fully believe that you are an individual who gets to vote for whomever you choose. That is the great thing about this nation! Get to know your candidates, whether that is the President, Congress or your local school board president. Make sure things that you value are equally as valuable to your candidate. Know the facts. This is important to me, is it to you?


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