You’re beautiful just the way you are

Published by adviser, Author: Nicole Crevar - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 22, 2012

Day in and day out, the media is constantly bombarding us to dress, look and feel a certain way.

We must wear high-top fashion, follow the thin ideal and remember that there is always something that can be improved upon.

Well, it’s disgusting.

I find it heartbreaking when I hear the extremes girls take to make themselves thinner, prettier, happier.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, happiness and success have nothing to do with how many hours you spend at the gym, or how many meals you skip a weak.

Why do we have to keep trying to be something we’re not?

Will it ever be enough?

As current vice president of the Reflections Body Image Program here at SRU, we are working to empower women all over campus.

College-aged women are feeling more pressured than ever to change the way they look, follow what magazines tell them, and find their Prince Charming.

Well, I hate to break it to Disney, but everyone is a princess.

We just need to believe in ourselves and realize that we have so much more going on under the skin.

As for the magazines, I know they’ll never stop reconstructing “models” to make us feel guilty while slapping on ads that proclaim, “Lose five pounds in two weeks!”

But we can’t let the advertisement industry control us.

We need to take a stand–outsmart the media.

So that’s my challenge to all you women out there.

I want us strong, smart, fun-loving women to tell the world we’re sexy and we know it.

We don’t need some magazine to define us.

And we definitely don’t need anymore stress than college already serves us.

So stop being negative, don’t feel pressured to follow the trends, and just be yourself!

I think you’ll find that the more you love yourself, the happier your life will be.


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