Borough Council summary 4/2/2024

100 S. Main St. lot moves to private sale, borough speed limits, new full-time officer

Published by Hayden Schultz, Date: April 9, 2024

Slippery Rock Borough Council discussed the ability for a private sale of the 100 S. Main Street lot, updates on new speed limits in the borough and a possible fourth full-time police officer on Tuesday evening at the East Water Street Borough Office.

100 S. Main Street lot

Solicitor Rebecca Black recommended at the previous borough meeting holding off on any actions until she reached out to the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) to find laws in Pennsylvania similar to Federal Procurement Sole Source Justification, relating to situations where the borough received only one or no bids.

Black said she heard back from the PSAB and cited the Trade and Commerce Volume of the Pennsylvania Statutes and cited section 1641, titled “Non receipt of bids.”

Black said in the current scenario of no bids, the political subdivision may advertise again. If no bids are received for the second advertisement within 15 days the borough can initiate negotiation for a private sale.

According to Black, the borough does not have to take extra steps to move on with private sales, since the lot has already been advertised for two bidding periods with no bids received in addition to a fair market value estimate on the property.

“There are specific requirements in place when you take this option, but essentially you have private negotiations if you get somebody that makes an offer or if you enter into a sales agreement with that entity or that person,” she said. “You have to wait 30 days after [the private sale] is introduced at council.”

She also said the public announcement at council must include the names of the parties, the sale price and a summary of any other terms and conditions.

During this period, a proposed committee of president Jeff Campbell and vice president John Hicks may review or negotiate offers received and make recommendations to the council, who will approve or deny the price.

Black said the private sale will bring advantages for the borough, allowing further discussions with the council where a sealed bid could not, such as initiating negotiations.

“This is not an effort to proceed in any way that lacks transparency, it’s just that sometimes the regulations that are in place serve as handcuffs,” she said.

Campbell said he received “a couple letters of interest” so far, but no official offer.

Speed limits 

Borough Council Manager Christian Laskey gave an update on potential speed limits in Slippery Rock Borough. He said the new proposal could set speed limits at 25 mph across the borough, apart from Boller Drive being set at 15 mph and West Water Street at 35 mph.

Laskey said PennDOT is continuing its speed study to possibly extend a speed limit transition into the township.

An additional ordinance for the borough may be needed, according to Black and Laskey, due to the current code displaying only six streets with posted speed limits.

The council unanimously voted to advertise the potential speed changes, pending review from solicitor Black.


Slippery Rock Borough may have another full-time officer after receiving one applicant. If the applicant passes the physical exam on April 13 and the oral exam on April 20, the borough will have four full-time officers.

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