Opinion | An ode to fall on campus

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: October 17, 2022

As Pennsylvania air holds me in its embrace, 

I am greeted by leaves of orange, yellow, and red; 

The crisp autumn wind whips my pink-highlighted face, 

And I’m glad that today I chose to leave my bed;

The sun breaks through clouds and burrows gently in my skin, 

I watch as it bathes every hill until dripping with gold; 

I adjust the sleeves of the cashmere I’m in, 

And ponder why autumnal beauty never seems to get old; 

From the bricks of Old Main to the paths where I walk, 

I am thankful for fall in Slippery Rock.


The leaves show me a song when they crunch ‘neath my feet, 

Accompanied by a rustle-tinged breeze, 

With a bird-chirping chorus and woodfire beat, 

The perfect symphony to put me at ease; 

I delight in treats of sweet pumpkin and spiced apple flavor, 

They warm me through like a hug; 

These feelings are what I’ll remember to savor, 

Along with each plant, tree, rock and bug. 

In spite of my bias and qualms I may talk, 

I am thankful for Fall in Slippery Rock. 

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Annabelle is a sophomore at SRU. She is double majoring in secondary English education and professional English writing with a concentration in creativity. This is her first year working at The Rocket, where she is the assistant campus life editor. She also wrote for the newspaper during her last three years of high school. She loves her friends, cheese, and books.


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