ASL Club's E-Board during their weekly meeting.

Slippery Rock University’s ASL Club, created in 2014 or 2015, is still up and running with an active group. The club was created because Slippery Rock University did not offer an American Sign Language class for credit at the time.

The club was a solution to teach students on campus the importance of American Sign Language and deaf culture.

Although there are no deaf students in the club this semester, they still are continuing teaching and learning. Cianna Cain, ASL club president, said “It’s important to respect deaf people and deaf culture. To do this, we make sure to use resources to teach from deaf creators.”

Every Tuesday, the club meets at 12:30 p.m. where they teach a brief lesson in ASL, teach and learn about deaf culture, and play games regarding the subject matter. Cain wants people to know that you do not have to have prior experience to join or get involved.

She puts emphasis on, “It’s all about learning.”

Learning ASL is all about learning about the culture, the beauty of the language and being able to express oneself in a different way.

They are very active on their Instagram (@aslsru) where they try to post every or every other day. Posts and stories include mini lessons, what to expect and ways for other members to interact.

The club’s E-Board includes Cain, Vice President Rebekah Shearer, Treasurer Alyssa Bittner, Secretary Marina McCutcheon and Media Chair Meghan Kiefer.

For more information about ASL Club, students can check Instagram (@aslsru), CORE or email Cain directly at


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