Virtual involvement fair allows for campus engagement

Published by Sarah Anderson, Date: August 29, 2020
The University Program Board (UPB) talks to students about their organization.

The Virtual Involvement Fair took place over two days, Aug. 25 and Aug. 26, and included many clubs and organizations that are offered at SRU.  

Adapting to the online change, the typical on-campus involvement fair was moved to being fully online via Zoom.

Alison Jones, a first year graduate assistant, took over coordinating the virtual event. This was her first big assignment as a graduate assistant and she took the reins with the event that included over 300 participating students 

There were many challenges to hosting such a large event online but overall it was an easy and enjoyable event.

Everyone was so welcoming and made the experience online so much better than I would have anticipated,” Madison Williams, a sophomore, said. “I spoke with a lot of people and made some new friends.”

William’s enthusiasm over the event was shared with many students, although there were struggles with planning the virtual involvement fair fully online.

“It took a long time to come up with a plan and it took a bit for all of the organizations to set up Zooms and overcome the challenges of using Zoom,” Jones said.

Jones learned that hour long zoom sessions had people losing focus, and hoped that having smaller sessions in categories would give students more of a personal experience. 

In the future, Jones hopes to be on campus for the involvement fair. However, Jones is confident in ways to make the virtual involvement fair better for next year if need be.

Jones plans on promoting the fair sooner to try and get more students interested than this year.


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