MTS ‘burns’ for Broadway

Semi-annual show includes variety of performances

Published by Kayla Raynak, Date: November 16, 2023
Two performers stand on stage in Swope Recital Hall. Students from all majors participated in this year's show

SRU’s Musical Theatre Society (MTS) put on their annual cabaret on Nov. 3 at 7 pm. There was also a matinee showing on Nov. 5 at 12 p.m. Students, friends and family gathered in Swope Recital Hall to see the student-run performance.

The club puts on a cabaret every semester. This time, the theme was “Burning for Broadway”. 

Every other spring, the organization puts on a musical. All students are welcome to get involved, even if they are not majoring in theatre. 

The cabaret included 20 different songs from 19 different musicals. It included soloists, dance numbers, costumes and props.

The organization starts creating a team and planning music the semester prior to be ready to start auditions and rehearsals when the new semester begins.

There were many students on the Creative Team to help bring this cabaret to life.

Students who might have enjoyed theater in high school and just want to meet new people can get involved without the stress or competition.  

 “I met a lot of cool people, and I made a lot of friends,” said freshman Emily Dunlap. 

There are roles for everyone and many opportunities for all students whether they want to perform or even be involved in the crew. They can even get knowledge and experience in directing or choreographing.

“Everyone can kind of have their own little moment too, so they’re not stuck in like one role. So, you can have a lead in one song and be ensemble in the next,” Victoria Herrick, MTS president, said.

The production also included a live band, known in theatre as a pit. 

“Theater is not the same theater without a live pit,” Herrick said. “It makes everything so much better.”

Herrick recommended how rewarding getting involved in a production can be.

“Honestly, if you still want to do theater, I just suggest trying it because you don’t have to have like a lead role for everything, you don’t have to be ensemble for everything. Everyone is so friendly. They’re always so supportive,” Herrick said.

If students are interested in getting involved, MTS has plans for next semester.

“It is very fun and you meet a lot people that love musicals and enjoy just like singing and performing without having to be a theater major,” Dunlap said. 


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