Weekly Organization Spotlight: Rock Royalty Step Team

Published by , Date: February 10, 2022

The Rock Royalty Step Team is a recently revived dance team at SRU, practicing and performing rhythmic dances involving synchronized movement. 

Step dancing originally came from fraternities and sororities of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU). However, Rock Royalty is not affiliated with Greek life. 

The team itself is only a few years old. Team captain Angelica Gyan has worked to revitalize it since returning to in-person classes. As a second-semester freshman, she did not experienced the step team prior to COVID-19. Without team members from previous years, she is rebuilding from scratch. 

“As soon as you get onto the floor, your heart wants to perform and show the audience what you made up, because not that many people know stepping,” Gyan said. “The first impression has to be really good.” 

Rock Royalty plans to compete, fundraise and perform at football and basketball games. Last season, Gyan performed solo in the bleachers during a football game as a way to promote the team. 

Those interested in joining the step team or learning more can reach out via CORE and Gyan’s email, axg1093@sru.edu.


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