BOOSTing emotional health and well-being


The Boost Peer Coaching Program hosted its second event of “The Fall Essentials of Social and Emotional Wellness” programming series on Thursday. Boost is a part of the Student Support department at SRU.

This event, entitled “Treat Yourself,” focused on presenting students with strong self-care strategies for both physical and mental health.

The Assistant Director of Student Support, Earl Coburn, was pleased with the work that  the students of Boost have done so far and the success that Boost has promoting mental wellness.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine and forget to take care of yourself, especially at a contested time like now” Coburn said. “Boost works to promote social and emotional wellness”.

At the “Treat Yourself” event, peer leaders showcased different ways that students could use self-care strategies in order to promote physical, social and emotional wellness.

“The most important aspect of self-care strategies is finding what works for you” Coburn said. “Everyone is unique.”

Boost made sure to offer examples of self-care strategies for those who can’t find the best strategies on their own. Some examples of self-care strategies include exercising, taking a walk or even watching a movie.

The main message of the “Fall Essentials of Social and Emotional Wellness” was that everybody needs to treat themselves and make sure that they are taking care of themselves and can conduct healthy self-care strategies as needed.

In the fully virtual world that has become a part of daily life, Boost has still found a way to connect with students. They utilize social media platforms and their CORE page in order to provide students with the latest information about scheduled presentations and events.

Every event offered through Boost this semester has been conducted through an online, live video call with all the attendees and the peer leaders. The main focuses of this semester are interactivity and connectivity, which can often be difficult in online formats, but Boost has had great success accomplishing these goals so far this semester.

The next feature in the “Fall Essentials of Social and Emotional Wellness” programming series is the “Self-Esteem and Self-Worth” event. This event occurs on Monday, Nov. 9.

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