Rock Around the Rock


One of the most impactful and lasting parts of black culture is music. It has affected the entire world and changed music as an art, creating genres and expanding upon existing ones since its rise in the culture. 

Music in black culture is heavily turned to as a source of self-expression and exploration. An artist who has recently begun to influence their audience with these themes is pop singer and rapper Lizzo. She preaches the values of self love with songs like “Coconut Oil” and “Juice.” Her upbeat cadences and fast-paced rhythms help listeners to trust themselves and remember that “everybody gotta shine” no matter what happens.

Breakout artist Roddy Ricch has risen in popularity with his song “The Box.” This track is catchy and memorable with its unusual intro and beats. This song will without a doubt be familiar to all Slippery Rock students this April when he performs on campus. To accompany this song is “Down Below,” which highlights the artist’s past and accentuates his growth into a respectable position in the world. With his new status, he uses music to spread messages to a rapidly growing audience.

A musician that has inspired a number of recent, popular black artists today is Stevie Wonder. He has won countless Grammy awards to prove his skill and talent, and continues to influence the music industry with his music. Classic songs like “Isn’t She Lovely” and “Superstition” maintain their presence in society today as their messages are ones that stand the test of time.

While there are countless aspects of black culture to appreciate and celebrate, music has been one of the most influential and long lasting parts. The effects of the culture are felt daily by all and will continue to be largely powerful in the arts.


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