Letters from Lambda: Getting ahead


With scheduling and graduation approaching in the next few months and midterms looming upon us, it is important to make sure that you are staying ahead.

This week’s Letter from Lambda will be discussing some tips on how to get ahead for these upcoming busy times. 

The first thing I find convenient when I’m on the go is utilizing the “Reminders” application on my phone. This has helped me because with each reminder, I can set what the reminder is for, a date and time to remind me, the location of the reminder (if applicable) and a priority level so it will always show up first in my notifications. 

The “Reminders” application has come in handy for those last-minute assignments or group meetings that unexpectedly come up when I did not have my planner on me. I used to think I would remember last-minute things, and I always ended up forgetting what I needed to do. This application has been really helpful. For those seniors that have a lot going on with work, classes and clubs/organizations, this will benefit you greatly. If you do not have a Reminders application, you can always use your alarm application to set alarms to tell you when to start working on something.

The next thing that is helpful with getting ahead is utilizing your planner efficiently. Start by filling in the dates when all your assignments are due for classes, meetings times and club/organization events. Even if you are not a planner user, it is extremely useful to have all of this information in one area instead of flipping through all of your syllabi or trying to remember other things. 

The last thing is completing small assignments early. Readings sometimes can be time consuming, especially during the weekdays when multiple assignments are due. When I have a reading assignment for any class and quizzes that go along with the readings, I will do the readings and quizzes on Sundays. This has freed up a lot of time during the week for me. With the extra time, I am able to dedicate more time for larger projects for my classes. Take some time out of your weekend, when you know you will have it, rather than procrastinate and risk running into last-minute things that could come up and create stress during the week.

With these simple tips and aides, you can improve your time management skills and feel on top of your work this semester instead of buried under it.


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