The store that makes your trip a one-stop shop

Published by , Author: Fiona McKenzie - College Dress Relief Correspondent , Date: February 11, 2019

Are you a full-time student or part-time and working? Are you looking around to find clothes to fit your budget for a spring break trip or the upcoming warmer weather?

I have a solution. Take a look into a neat little thrift store called “The Salvation Army.” The Salvation Army is a huge supporter of sustainable fashion by selling second-hand clothing items. As iffy as the idea of second-hand clothing can sound, you can find a lot of name brand clothing and other unique vintage finds in great condition here. The stores stock donated clothes from brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Garage and more. Sometimes, you have to dig around a bit to find something you like, but that’s the fun of thrifting.

The Salvation Army is extremely affordable; the organization offers discounts for veterans and weekly ‘family discount days’ on Wednesdays. The latter includes 50 percent off of most of the clothes there. You can find shirts ranging in prices from $1-5 and other great inexpensive finds. This is a great day to go, especially for college students who are on a tight budget. You can revamp a lot of the clothing to fit the image of modern-day trends.

The Salvation Army donates 82 percent of its proceeds to causes like food insecurity prevention, unemployment assistance and shelter and rehabilitation for veterans. The nonprofit works closely with situations of poverty and natural disasters, providing shelter, food and clothing to those in need. During the holiday season, Salvation Army representatives stand outside of stores ringing bells to collect money for the less fortunate. You can find its annual report on the website, This report lists all the work the organization does with charities and helping others around the world.

So, resist the burning hole in your wallet and try shopping second-hand at The Salvation Army.

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