SRU radio station will host second annual car smash

Published by , Author: Megan Bush - Campus Life Editor, Date: April 13, 2017

In memory of Jesse Muto, a former member of Slippery Rock’s campus radio station 88.1 FM (WSRU), the radio station will be hosting the second annual Jesse Muto Memorial Car Smash on Friday, April 21 from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the SRU Ski Lodge.  Muto, who passed away in January 2016, was a member of the radio station and a good friend of many other members, junior environmental science major and public relations director for WSRU Chandler Sendek said.

The car smash was designed as an event that represents the radio station, commemorates past members and provides an opportunity to raise revenue to keep the station running, according to senior psych major and WSRU DJ Andrew Berwyn.  It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness for the radio station, which is a student-run organization, and could lead to more participation and the growth of the station.  Berwyn said he feels confident saying that one of the radio station’s highest values as an organization is the proliferation of music and positivity, and the station hosts the event at a time when many people are stressed out due to finals, graduation and generally moving on.

“We try to promote good vibes, and eating pizza, listening to live music, playing games, smashing cars and hanging out with a bunch of chill people with whom you have many things in common is an excellent way of breeding those vibes,” Berwyn said.

Sendek said the station also wanted to do something to memorialize their late friend, and the funds made during this year’s event will be put toward a memorial plaque for Muto.

“We wanted people to be living in the memory of him, but in a good, fun light,” Sendek said. 

The event will feature live music and DJs, free Domino’s pizza, games and prizes.  Sendek said they plan to bring in multiple DJs, a live local punk band and a rap group; one of the DJs spinning during the smash will be Muto’s former roommate.  Some of the prizes will be gift cards to places like Giant Eagle and Bob’s Subs, along with other giveaways.

In order to have a chance at smashing one of the cars, donated by Pry’s Towing, students have to pay at least a dollar, and that amount permits 15 seconds of smashing with a baseball bat; for those who pay five dollars, a sledgehammer is given and the participant is allowed a full minute of smashing.  Sendek also said the radio station will be giving away free smashing coupons on air over the week, and they will also be promoting the smash by attaching flyers to Domino’s pizza boxes. 

Sendek said he is excited for this event because it went well last year, and he hopes it will promote involvement with the radio station because of how unique the idea of a car smash is.

“Jesse would’ve wanted people to gather, have a good time and smash some cars,” Sendek said.


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