Kendall Scott

Published by adviser, Date: August 20, 2015

I was once told to always leave people better than I find them, whether that’s talking to a stranger you’ll never see again, or passing a close friend on campus. While I don’t have a specific career that I’m set on, I do have a career goal, and that is helping people get to a better state than the one they’re currently in. So why would a Recreational Therapy major have any interest in joining The Rocket as the Assistant Photo Editor? As far back as I can remember, I’ve been holding a camera. My parents used to purchase disposable film cameras for me as a small child, and I’d take candid shots of my pets and whatever unfortunate houseguest we had over at the time. I received my first digital camera when I was eleven years old, shot events for my high school paper and yearbook, and was given my Canon Rebel T3i as a graduation gift. It was not uncommon for my coaches to say, “Kendall is a goalkeeper/middle hitter/distance runner… and the team photographer.” I love to find beauty in the world around me, whether it be people, places, landscapes, or events, and capture those fleeting moments with a camera forever. And maybe through photography, I can help others see the beauty in the world through an angle they’ve never seen before. 

Outside of being with the Rocket, I currently play fullback and serve as the treasurer for the Slippery Rock Women’s Rugby team. I am from Bent Mountain, Virginia, and am still learning how to transition to Pennsylvania’s eight month winters. When I’m not eating my six daily bagels, I’m probably trying to tame stray cats. I’m very excited to join The Rocket and all of its opportunities this year!


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