Edinboro loses to… Edinboro?

Published by , Author: Karl Ludwig - Sports Editoral Staff, Date: March 7, 2019

Indiana University (Pa.) played Edinboro University on Feb. 28 at McComb Fieldhouse. What would typically be a normal matchup for the two teams, wound up on Sportscenter the following morning.

Coming in at No. 1 on the weekly segment, Not Top Plays, the game itself was not that exciting. A 28-point blowout between a couple of Division II schools does not typically garner much attention. However, when the Crimson Hawks forgot their jerseys and were forced to wear the Fighting Scots’ old red uniforms, the game became a punchline on numerous media sites and publications.

While the unlikely scenario of a collegiate team forgetting their jerseys could have led to awkward questions and embarrassment from both sides, Edinboro graciously lent their jerseys to a conference rival and the game went off without a hitch.

The Twitter pages of Edinboro University and the IUP men’s basketball team found humor in the situation with funny captions, pictures and exchanges following the aftermath of the game.

The game itself will likely be forgotten in a couple of weeks as will the jersey snafu a few weeks later, but what will really stick with the players and the universities will be the compassion of the opposing programs and the memories made while competing against each other.

Out west, Slippery Rock and IUP have met countless times to provide heated contests and tense exchanges, while on the east end of the state, Kutztown University and East Stroudsburg University have fiery contests each time the two rivals square off.

Emotions peak in intensity in the heat of the moment and less than pleasant exchanges have erupted from such occurrences but instances like IUP-Edinboro showcase the camaraderie, compassion and friendship shared between all PSAC universities.

The PSAC is a brotherhood and sisterhood of lifelong competition through sports, academics and community.

All too often, sports bring out the worst in people. An act like Edinboro lending their jerseys to IUP in order to allow their opponent to play may have been comical, but it also showcased just what sports are intended to be: a way of bringing people together.

Whether a football player from West Chester University or a golfer from Seton Hill University, sports have created a bond that will never be broken.

The PSAC is a family. And, like all families, fights, arguments and hardships do occur but at the end of the day, families all come back together.

Kind of like Edinboro coming back together when Edinboro and “Edinboro Red” played at McComb Fieldhouse on Feb. 28.

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Karl is a senior sport management major and communication minor entering his fifth semester on The Rocket staff. He will serve as the sports editor after previously serving as the assistant sports editor. During his time with The Rocket, he has covered every sport that SRU has to offer, and with the lack of sports this coming semester, he is looking forward to finding alternative ways to deliver sports news to the SRU community. After graduation, he hopes to work in the sports writing field.


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