5 ways for anyone to enjoy Valentine’s Day

Published by adviser, Author: Shelby Stearns - Commentary, Date: February 5, 2015

When we were little kids, we all looked forward to Valentine’s Day. We decorated shoeboxes with construction paper and distributed character cards to every member of the class. No one felt excluded, because everyone got a red velvet cupcake decorated by the fancier parents, some lollipops and a box of conversation hearts. As we grew up, school stopped having parties for every holiday, people started pairing up and dating and Valentine’s Day turned into a couples’ holiday. Somewhere along the way, the holiday became known as “Singles Awareness Day.” Most people, even people in relationships, tend to either hate Valentine’s Day, or be indifferent towards it.

I’ve never lost my childish adoration of the holiday. Sure, it’s much more fun with a significant other, but I can enjoy it regardless of my relationship status.  When I tell people this, they look at me as though I have 10 heads. How can you possibly enjoy such a terrible holiday, Shelbs? Well, it’s not terrible at all with the right attitude, and I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of this Valentine’s Day, single or not.

1. Stop thinking of it as just a “Hallmark holiday.” It actually has a pretty interesting history! February 14 is actually the Feast Day of Saint Valentine of Rome. There are many legends about him that are worth researching, but my favorite is that he married young soldiers secretly, as Claudius III outlawed marriage for men serving in the army. When he was later imprisoned for doing so, the couples he married would visit him in jail and bring him flowers and cards as gratitude.

2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day! If you’re not a Parks and Recreation fanatic like I am, Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, and it is celebrated by going out to brunch with your “gals” and giving them small tokens of your friendship.  On a budget, this can absolutely be celebrated at Boozel. Unlimited waffles!

3. Treat yo self! Okay, that was my last Parks and Rec reference. Use the holiday to buy yourself something you wouldn’t usually buy. You deserve to be treated even if you don’t have a boo to do so, so you might as well just treat yo self! Buy yourself a nice bottle of… sparkling grape juice, some Lush bath bombs and a pedicure. You deserve it!

4. Pass the love around! Get crafty, or buy a cheap pack of Frozen or Scooby Doo valentines and give them to your favorite professors, your classmates or your neighbors. Buy a little box of chocolates for your roommate. Bring cupcakes to your favorite class. Even if your efforts are unreciprocated, you’ll make someone’s day a little brighter, which is always fun.

5. Decorate your space and yourself! Make a heart paper chain for your dorm room. Paint your nails pink. Wear red! Studies show that wearing red makes you more attractive! It’s rocket science!

So even if you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason to mope and be bitter! Get out there and enjoy this sweet holiday. Hey, it’s the only time of year you can get yellow conversation hearts, which alone are reason enough for celebration.


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