Need for Speed: Ways To Make Your Car Faster

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 3, 2021
Need for Speed: Ways To Make Your Car Faster

Would you call yourself a self-proclaimed speed demon? Are you someone who likes to talk fast, walk fast, and drive with the windows open and a current of fast-moving air beating against their face? We don’t condone speeding on public roads, but if you frequent car racetracks in your spare time or like to barrel down the interstate at max speed limit and feel your vehicle isn’t presently up to snuff, here are some ways to make your car faster. These simple mods will get your car operating at mach speed in no time.

Performance Module

Did you know that most manufacturers deliberately down-tune their vehicles? What’s up with that? In order to meet safety and emission standards, they keep the full potential of their vehicles stashed away—but oftentimes, they go overboard, resulting in cars and trucks that needlessly underperform.

A performance module is one way to remove those unnecessary restrictions and imbue your car with more horsepower, torque, and you guessed it—speed. The best part about performance modules is that you won’t void your warranty by installing one—something that can’t always be said about tuners.

Cold Air Intake

It might not sound that way, but your car is gasping for air. Cars need oxygen to produce the power that makes them speedy. The next way to make your car faster is to install a new air intake or upgrade the existing one. Installing a brand-new air intake will help the engine suck in more oxygen-rich air, produce more power, and generate more speed.

A cold air intake (which cools air before it enters the engine) can double these effects because cold air is denser than warm air. This translates into more oxygen being supplied to the engine and more mighty energy squeezed out.


Just like the trusty air intake, turbochargers jam-pack more air into the engine’s cylinders so they can burn fuel at a hastened rate and pump out more power. Turbochargers dramatically boost horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy, and even reduce the amount of waste your car produces.

If you have a naturally aspirated engine, or a car that isn’t turbo or supercharged, then getting a turbo installed is easy-peasy. There are more than half a dozen kinds of turbochargers to choose from, too, giving you plenty of variety and the freedom to select what you think would work best for you and your future race car.


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