What To Know as a First-Time Skier

Published by Partnered Content, Date: February 15, 2021
What To Know as a First-Time Skier

College provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn new hobbies you may not have considered before. If you’ve never tried to ski, the concept of flying down a slope balancing on nothing but two sticks may intimidate you. Winter provides you with the best opportunity to learn how to ski. If you’re looking for something exciting to do outside before the season ends, supply yourself with what to know as a first-time skier so you can maximize your fun.

Prepare To Fall

The first time you go skiing, you will fall a lot. You may not be doing anything other than standing in your skis and ski gear and you’ll still fall flat. This is completely normal! Don’t let a couple tumbles demotivate you and push you away from getting better. Learning how to ski is more difficult than most other sports and has a distinct learning curve. Even simply figuring out how to point your skis slightly inward the proper way can be a hassle to learn.

You may get bumps and bruises from falling, but if you’re properly equipped you’ll get no major injuries. At first, you may need assistance from a friend to get up after a fall; ski boots hinder our ability to stand.

Gear Up for the Weather

When you go skiing, or prepare for any snowy day activity, how you dress directly affects how long you can stay outside. Don’t wear jeans or other heavy fabrics with high water retention. If your clothes get wet, you’ll get cold faster and will have to go inside to avoid problems such as hypothermia.

Wear lightweight, water-resistant pants underneath your ski pants and choose a ski jacket that will protect the insulating layers underneath. Pick out gloves that can withstand the friction of a rope-pull, or gloves that you don’t care about if they do get torn.

Bring at Least One Patient Friend

Most importantly on this list of what to know as a first-time skier is to make sure any friend you bring is willing to help you learn. If you bring friends that just want to ski at a higher skill level and won’t spend any time with you on the bunny hill, you’ll have a harder time learning. Before bringing friends, make sure they care about you learning and improving; that they’re willing to spend time with you. If they’re the right friends, you’ll finish the day with a memorable first ski experience and a strong bond of friendship to boot.


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