Jobs in the Legal Field for Non Lawyers

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 28, 2020
Jobs in the Legal Field for Non Lawyers

Law firms across the country are looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. As a result, the demand for paralegals, legal assistants, and other legal jobs is on the rise. Being a lawyer isn’t for everyone—it is a specialized profession that takes a lot of schooling. Fortunately, there are jobs in the legal field for non-lawyers that pay well. Legal services will always be in demand, so there is job security in the field.

Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Paralegals help lawyers get ready for hearings, trials, and meetings. The need for this kind of legal professional grows every year. Law firms find that hiring paralegals makes the firm more efficient than hiring a lawyer to do the same work. They investigate cases, research relevant laws, and write reports to help attorneys prepare for trial. A legal assistant is an invaluable part of the legal team, as they take notes and handle exhibits during trials.

Legal Secretary

Legal secretaries handle more administrative duties in the legal office. They use legal terminology, documents, and procedures in their daily work. They prepare legal documents such as subpoenas, motions, pretrial agreements, and complaints. They are responsible for correspondence, making phone calls, and scheduling meetings. Compared to paralegals, they handle more legal research and drafting and coordinating the scanning of legal documents.

Title Examiner, Abstractor, and Searcher

This group of legal professionals search real estate records, examine titles, and summarize legal or insurance documents. Scanning real estate records is necessary to verify certain facts, prove ownership, or find restrictions. They also prepare rejection notices.

Conflict of Interest Manager

At times, a law firm can’t take on a new client due to ethical problems. This is called a conflict of interest and is a big problem in the legal world. A conflict of interest manager checks all incoming clients and cases for any conflicts of interest. They identify any potential ethical problems in new business efforts. It is also their job to stay abreast of conflict of interest standards and requirements.

e-Discovery Specialist

The digital age has been a blessing for the legal world. One of the hottest jobs in the legal field for non-lawyers is an e-discovery specialist. Social media has made finding evidence easy. Electronic discovery specialists collect, review, and maintain digital evidence from various sources. They use the internet to find and manage evidence as it relates to a case. They create procedures to collect and store the information, in addition to providing support in litigation.


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