Ultimate Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 25, 2020
Ultimate Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

For most college students, winter break is a time to connect with hometown friends and spend time with family. However, it’s also time to complete some chores you haven’t been able to do at school, such as booking dentist appointments and catching up on overflowing laundry.

If you are bringing your car to school after winter break, be sure to run through this ultimate winter car maintenance checklist before heading back to campus. Winter maintenance checkups are especially important if you have an older car that requires a little more attention.  Regardless, here are a few maintenance tips that can help your car get through a cold winter away at school.

Apply Extra Exterior Protection

Before heading back to campus, consider putting a wax coat on your car. For most students, bringing your car to campus means leaving it in uncovered parking lots that are open to any type of weather damage. A wax coat can protect your car’s exterior from salt and excessive snow or ice buildup.

Switch To Synthetic Oil

Don’t just bring your car in for an oil change—switch your car’s oil to a synthetic or synthetic blend oil. Synthetic blends will be easier on your engine and allow for better flow in low temperatures in comparison to conventional oil. This means your car will warm up faster in frigid temperatures.

Upgrade Your Visibility

Cleaning snow and ice off your windshield before your morning classes is a drag. Upgrade your wipers to winter wipers that can handle heavy snowfall. Switching to de-icing fluid will also help de-ice your windshield quicker.

Check Your Tires

Safety is a big concern when driving in the winter. Check your tires or upgrade them to winter tires for safer winter driving. Balding tires can increase your risk of losing control as well. Dealing with accident reports and damage repairs while away at school can add unwanted stress to your already busy plate.

Follow this ultimate winter car checklist to ensure your car is ready to take on a snowy semester.


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