How to Increase Your Water Intake When You Hate Water

Published by , Date: July 14, 2020
How to Increase Your Water Intake When You Hate Water

Even though you know you need about eight cups of water a day to stay properly hydrated and healthy, it can be difficult to achieve when you absolutely hate the taste of water. Believe it or not, this is an issue that many people struggle with. If the idea of drinking eight full cups of just plain old water a day seems impossible to you, then check out this guide on how to increase your water intake when you hate water.

Up your soup intake

That’s right—soup can actually help get more water into your body. If you work more soup into your diet, you will also be sneaking water and extra hydration into your life. Water-based and stock-based soups are the most effective options for increasing your hydration. Stick to thinner soups like chicken noodle or minestrone, and stay away from more creamy soups like broccoli cheddar and cream of potato. If you eat more soup every week, you’ll likely increase your water intake significantly and start to feel better. The more water you get into your body, regardless of method, the healthier you will be and feel.

Flavor your water

Just plain water isn’t a great option if you already dislike the taste—or lack thereof. You can use extracts to flavor your drinks and make them taste minty or fruity instead of plain. Flavoring your water is a great option because you can make it taste like anything you want. Plus, with extracts, you can combine flavors and determine how much flavoring you want without taking away from the health benefits of pure water. This is a fun way to stay hydrated and try new things. As a bonus, it’s also a fun science experiment, playing with how much of each flavor you use.

Keep a water bottle with you at all times

If the only drink you keep in the house is water, and you keep a cute, reusable bottle of it next to you at all times, you are bound to succumb to drinking more. While this isn’t the most fun method, you can greatly increase your water intake by only allowing yourself other forms of drinks when eating out or visiting others. When you’re at home, any time you get thirsty, your only option will be water. Investing in an attractive water bottle can also help to motivate you to increase the water intake.


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