3 Life Skills You Should Know Before You Live on Your Own

Published by , Date: April 30, 2020
3 Life Skills You Should Know Before You Live on Your Own

The world is unrecognizable right now. Businesses across the country are shut down in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This means millions of people are stuck at home, including college students who are completing classes online. Luckily, there are some positives to the situation. For starters, children are spending quality time with their parents they otherwise wouldn’t have. Also, college students can use this time as an opportunity to learn these three life skills they should know before they live on their own.

Grocery Shopping

College students are notoriously bad at grocery shopping. Their schedules are so out-of-whack that students typically look for the easiest thing to make at the store. Most of the time, this means junk food. One life skill you should know before you live on your own is how to grocery shop properly. First off, you need to stay away from the junk food if you’re going to live by yourself. No one can sustain a diet of purely soda and cookies. Instead, shop with meals in mind. Purchase big-ticket items, like chicken, that you can build a full meal around. You should also get enough stuff to last you an entire week. When you’re out on your own and working, you’ll realize that there’s no time to stop at the store every day.


Once you buy the appropriate items at the grocery store, you must learn how to cook them. You can’t rely on take-out forever. Sure, it’s acceptable to order dinner from your favorite Chinese restaurant once in a while. However, your wallet and your health will suffer if you do it multiple times a week. Instead, use this time at home as a chance to learn how to cook. Help out your parents in the kitchen and learn from their expertise. Remember, practice makes perfect. Hopefully, once you get the swing of things, you can cook dinner for your entire family. Then, after this crisis is over, you can sharpen your craft even further by enrolling in a cooking class. People learn so much in cooking classes; they’re a unique opportunity for those who are dedicated to becoming a better chef.


Every college student is familiar with laundry. However, many young adults wait until the last minute and end up taking their dirty clothes home to mom. This tactic won’t fly when you’re living by yourself. Fill the time in self-isolation by learning how to do laundry correctly. Ask one of your parents to show you how to load the machine properly. Remember to separate your colors and your whites, as well. Your little sister will never stop making fun of you if you turn your white bedsheets pink. After a few loads, you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll feel a major sense of accomplishment once all of your clothes are neatly folded away.


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