Effective Money Saving Tips for College Students

Published by , Date: January 3, 2020
Effective Money Saving Tips for College Students

If you’re heading off to college, you’ll learn pretty quickly that you need as much money as you can get. Away from your parents for the first time, you’ll have to rely on yourself to make ends meet and come up with enough funds to purchase everything you need. Therefore, saving money is just as crucial as earning it, and it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to do so. So, if you’re looking to save a bit of extra cash this semester, then try out some of these money saving tips for college students.

Research Before You Buy Textbooks

You’ll have to buy certain textbooks new, but you can buy some books used or rent them for a fraction of the price. This not only cuts down the initial purchase price, but also saves you the hassle of reselling the books once the class is over. No matter which option you pick, make sure to research each book before you make a purchase to ensure you’re getting it as cheap as possible.

Consider Furnished Apartments

It might surprise you to hear that off-campus housing is potentially more affordable than living in a dorm. Though this depends on where you’re going to school, it’s important to weigh the prices of both before deciding. Many college students also opt for furnished apartments to cut out the additional expense of paying for furniture.

Be Aware of Student Discounts

Fortunately, simply being a college student can reward you with a series of different discounts, depending on where you shop. These discounts aren’t always large, but any little bit counts when you’re trying to save. Limiting your spending habits to coincide with these deals also helps you limit your impulsive purchases and save money in the process.

Utilize Campus Resources

Rather than spend money at a café to sit and do your homework, you can stop by the library for a bit of quiet study time. This will cut back on the pressure to spend money, and you’ll still be productive. It’s also recommended that you utilize the campus dining hall for most meals, as eating out can quickly add up.


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