Stay Cautious: Safety Tips for College Students

Published by The Rocket, Date: September 11, 2019
Stay Cautious Safety Tips for College Students

As the school year begins, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the various ways to stay safe and aware on campus. From learning the common crimes on college campuses to having campus security’s contact information, there are many ways to stay safe in college. Below, we list some important safety tips for college students—check it out to ensure you have a safe, productive, and memorable school year!

Familiarize yourself with campus security

One of the most important safety tips for college students is that you should familiarize yourself with campus security. Make sure you know where the emergency system areas (emergency call buttons or phones) are around campus. Have the campus security phone number in your contacts, and if you think it’s necessary, have them on speed dial. You’ll be glad you have this information handy if the need to use it ever arises.

Always lock up

You may think your college town is safe and feel it’s okay to leave windows or doors unlocked while your home—don’t do this. Locking doors and windows when you’re alone, asleep, or not at home should remain standard. Theft is a common crime on college campuses, and you can keep that from happening to you by simply locking up.

Keep social media private

It’s common for students to post where they are and what they’re doing on social media—Snapchat and Instagram make it easy. This is something to be extremely wary of, as that’s all the information stalkers need to show up where you are. Don’t share photos with people you don’t know—yes, even that person from Tinder—and keep your profiles private.

Pay attention to your surroundings

When you go anywhere, whether on campus or not, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Unplug from your phone, leave out the earbuds, and stay alert. Otherwise, robbers may regard you as their next target if you seem mentally absent.

Don’t walk alone at night

Never walk alone at night—it’s another important tip you’ve heard before, but that’s because it’s so crucial to your safety. Sexual offenses are another massive issue on college campuses, and they often happen at night when people walk alone. Stay on designated pathways, ignore the short cuts, and stick to well-lit areas.

Stay sober

We understand college culture involves drinking, but those under the influence of drugs or alcohol are much more vulnerable to sexual predators, thieves, and drunken antics. It’s best to stay sober and avoid drugs to stay safe on campus.

Learn how to defend yourself

You can do all the tips mentioned above, but there’s still always a chance something bad may happen. Many people suggest taking self-defense classes, so if something does happen, you can protect yourself. The skills you learn in classes like these can make a life-saving difference in harmful situations.

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