Safe Driving Tips for College Students

Published by , Date: December 19, 2019
Safe Driving Tips for College Students

For many people, college is the first real taste of independence. You have your own apartment or dorm room, your own schedule, and your own car to take you anywhere you want. With all this opportunity and freedom, it’s important to remember a few key responsibilities, including safe driving. We provide some of the top safe driving tips for college students.

Stay Focused

Distracted drivers are one of the biggest hazards out on the road. Don’t become one of them. Always keep your attention on the road. Don’t reach into your backseat or dig through your bag. If you have to eat, prepare snacks ahead of time, and keep them within reach in easy-to-access containers. Perhaps the most important part of staying focused behind the wheel is to put your phone down. Never text and drive, and if you use a map app on your phone, make sure to use voice commands rather than looking at it.

Don’t Drink and Drive

You probably heard it over and over again, but it’s still one of the most crucial safe driving tips for college students. If you drink, don’t get behind the wheel. Even if you think you can drive, remember that alcohol impairs judgement. Always have a designated driver or alternative mode of transportation when you plan to go out. The consequences for driving under the influence are severe, and the process can get complicated, especially if you’re out-of-state when you get a DUI.

Don’t Drive Tired

From parties to late night study sessions, college can take a toll on your sleeping habits. If you feel tired, don’t drive. Driving when exhausted is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Just like when you’re intoxicated, ask someone else to drive or use public transportation. If nothing else, it’s better to pull over to the side of the road and take a quick nap before you continue with your journey.


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