Super Bowl commercials getting too provocative

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 6, 2014

The Super Bowl is one of those events that almost no one wants to miss.  Whether it’s as a fan of a particular team, a fan of the game itself, or a fan of the commercials, everyone wants a piece of the action.  Although the game is fun to watch, the commercials drew me in last Sunday.  However, I was very disappointed with the lack of funny standouts and the countless risqué replacements.

The Super Bowl reaches a huge audience, from elementary kids to senior citizens.  Companies spend millions to get their commercials aired.  On Super Bowl Sunday, there are a plethora of parties that consist of family and friends.  Nothing makes the experience more uncomfortable than commercials insinuating a threesome, celebrity nudeness, spills in uncomfortable places, and slow motion straw sucking.

Lets breakdown the naughtiest commercials of the night.  The Butterfinger Cups commercial was one of the more uncomfortable and unusual ads of the night.  It left younger family members confused and asking questions while the adults in the room were left to avoid answering.  Referencing a threesome on national television is in poor taste if you ask me.  Although David Beckham has a wonderful body, the H&M commercial could have ended without the hint of public indecency.  He looks perfectly fine in his tight fitting Bodywear bottoms, how far will companies go to get people talking? Beckham was not the only celebrity of the bunch, Scarlett Johansson and John Stamos got in on the action.  Johansson’s commercial fell short of a viral video, but managed to create 15 seconds of awkward slow sucking on a straw with seductive music in the background.  Dannon created a even more suggestive commercial where a women cleans off the Greek yogurt from Stamos’s mouth and stares down at his lap as he spills more.  We all know what happens next folks.  Well, in this case other members of Full House suddenly appear to clean up the mess.

Yes, the shock and awe factor of risqué and suggestive Super Bowl ads create buzz, but I would much rather see the funny commercials and Budweiser horses any day.  This year, the “Doberhuahua” mix breed for Audi and the Doritos Time Machine take the cake for me.  There is a time and place for provocative, a Super Bowl commercial just does not seem to be the right outlet.


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