SRSGA: before fall break!

Published by , Date: October 1, 2022

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) met at the Robert M. Smith Student Center Monday to fill senator vacancies through a ballot. This motion was passed to continue on without any debate.

The students on the ballot came up to introduce themselves. The new students to fill freshman and at-large senator vacancies are Jaeda Johnston (freshman senator), Emily Steele (at-large) and Owen Snyder (at-large).

SGA intends to make the tent in the quad a permanent place for students to study outside and still be shielded from the elements.

“…we plan to develop something that will be useful for the students to enjoy and it will be a permanent structure that we can keep there that isn’t as susceptible to the elements.” SRSGA President Hannah D’Egidio said.

The Board of Directors meeting was held last Thursday. They have allocated $5 million into an investment portfolio in order to gain interest for future use.

Alexis Jones, the vice president of student and academic affairs, went on to speak about how they are trying to find a new app to use for the Happy Bus. student and academic affairs is planning to test out a new over fall break to see what their options are.

The President’s Commission Committee is looking for more student representatives.

Chloe Janis, a student representative for Club Softball, stood during the open forum and addressed an issue her club has with the budget they received. The budget reserves they currently have are $33,694.58.

Club softball previously requested $5,455 dollars to meet their needs for their games, balls, and other equipment they may need for the remainder of the school year. They were bumped down to $3,544 for the year to cover their expenses. They were then capped at $1,000 for travel expenses.

“We had to pay in the beginning of the semester everything out of our own pocket, we paid for a tee, net and a bucket of balls. A tee was $80 bucks, a net was probably $90-$100 and a bucket of balls can go anywhere from $90-$120 dollars.” Said Chloe Janis.

Being a new club, last year, they were capped at $500 dollars. SRSGA had to cap other club sports travel expenses from the original five drivers to three so they could stay under the $1,000 cap they gave to other clubs.

The motion to keep the financial report the same was passed with a unanimous vote.

SRSGA intends to hold its next meeting on Oct. 10. at 5 p.m. in the Robert M. Smith Student Center.

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