Council of Trustees searches far and wide for next president

Published by Matthew Glover, Date: September 26, 2022

The Governance Committee of the SRU Council of Trustees (COT) met in the Smith Student Center Friday to discuss new details of the presidential search.

The Presidential Search Committee within the COT is led by Trustee Jeff Smith. Smith said there were around 90 applicants for SRU president, which is more than the consultants thought it would be.

“We just went through all the resumes and CVs that came in,” SRU Trustee Elise Michaux said. “If you’re trying to get a president, everybody’s CV is impressive.”

CV stands for curriculum vitae, which means “course of life.” This document describes their academic career.

After their resumes are evaluated, each of the 12 COT members submits their top 10 choices.

On Sept. 29, the Presidential Search Committee will meet again to take each COT member’s list and narrow it down to eight to 10 candidates.

From there, the committee will have meetings to form questions for the candidates before meeting with them in early November for off-site interviews. The list will be reduced to around four candidates.

The COT is planning for those candidates to come to SRU to meet faculty and students starting on Nov. 28. The next week, the Presidential Search Committee will finalize their recommendations for the Governance Committee to consider in the December meeting.

The COT will then decide who to send to the Board of Governors for the final vote.

The candidates are currently confidential, but names may be released when they come to campus. The candidates also come from diverse backgrounds.

“I’m very proud of that,” Michaux said. “It’s very impressive in the range [of candidates], and that to me speaks volumes of the reputation we have and where we are as an institution. People want to be part of that no matter where they have been in their background and experience.”


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