11/4/2021 Blotter

Published by , Date: November 8, 2021

October 28 – Police noticed a person sleeping in their vehicle at the Union Commuter Lot and informed them to go back to their off-campus residence.

October 28 – Police received an intruder alarm from the Ski Lodge. Officers checked the building and found that an individual entered the wrong security code when entering. The panel was reset.

October 29 – Police received a notification from an individual who was getting alarming texts from a friend off campus and they were concerned for their wellbeing. The person sending the messages was contacted and they are speaking with counselors.

October 29 – Police noticed a person vomiting in the Lower Stadium A parking lot while patrolling. The officers asked if the individual if they needed to go to the Health Center or medical services, but they stated they ate something bad and were going back to their residence.

October 30 – A CA from Watson Hall reported the smell of marijuana from a dorm. The officers spoke with the resident and no further action was taken.

October 30 – Police received a 911 call for an individual bleeding from their head. Jacob MaClean, 23, was cited with public drunkenness and was then taken to Grove City Hospital and later transported to Mercy Hospital.

October 31 – Police received a call for an intoxicated person on Rock Pride Drive. The person was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

October 31 – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) requested University Police respond to reports of possible gun shots being fired at the Heights Apartment Complex. Police spoke with residents in the area and no gun shots were heard. Other officers received similar reports from other apartment complexes and all reported the same response.

October 31 – Police observed three individuals standing on top of a construction truck at the Weisenfluh Staff parking lot. No damage was found on the vehicles and Lucas Culan, 18, Tanner Ringwald, 18, and Angela Russell, 18, were each cited with an alcohol violation.

October 31 – A person came to the University Police Station to report their vehicle was stolen. Police checked all lots on and off campus and the vehicle was located.

November 1 – Police responded to an intruder alarm activation in the Ski Lodge. The building was found to be secure and no one was around. The reason for activation was unknown and safety was notified.

November 1 – Police spoke to an individual in Building B about being harassed. The case is under investigation.

November 1 – Police responded to an individual experiencing severe abdominal pains in the Vincent Science Building. University police transported them to the Health Center.

November 1 – Police observed two individuals walking into Old Main on the security system. An officer contacted the persons to be identified and all was okay.

November 2 – Police received a call for an individual needing medical attention in Building A. The person was located and was okay. No further police action was taken.

November 2 – Police responded to an individual experiencing shortness of breath in Bailey Library. The person was located and police transported them to the Health Center.

November 2 – Police dispatcher observed an individual placing an object on a security camera lens in Building E to block its view. The individual was identified and the case was referred to Student Conduct.

November 2 – An individual at the University Police Station filed a harassment report that occurred at the Aebersold Recreation Center (ARC). The report was taken and the case is under investigation.

November 3 – An ambulance was requested to be sent to the Student Health Center. One was dispatched and no further police action was taken.

November 3 – Police received a call from an individual on Campus Drive stating they received a call from a blocked number and the caller was making threatening statements. The individual was advised to contact PSP to file a report.

November 3 – Police received a call from an person’s aunt requesting a welfare check on their niece in Building D after she was supposed to call her and never did. Contact was made with the individual and found them to be sleeping. They were advised to call their aunt and no further police action was taken.


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