Office of Academic Records and Registration prepares students for spring registration

Students need RPINs to register for spring 2021 courses


As we near the end of the semester, students can begin registering for winter 2020 and spring 2021 classes starting Monday, Oct. 26 through Friday, Nov. 6.

Students who are eligible to register for classes received an email from the Office of Academic Records and Registration on Oct. 9 detailing the updates to the process of registration.

All registration will be completed in MySRU. Students will receive a date and time to do so in the registration tab of the portal under the “registration step 1” section. Those eligible can register for classes on or after the date and time indicated.

Students can find information about their academic standing, student status (active, inactive, etc.), enrollment status (potential holds) and time ticket (time and date of registration) on the top right-hand side of the MyProfile tab under registration notices.

The email recommends that students meet with their academic advisers about two weeks before registering for classes so they can receive their registration pin and discuss the necessary classes to take.

Students should come prepared for their adviser meetings by reviewing their My Rock Audit and master course schedule, according to the email. My Rock Audit is located in the MyProfile tab under the My Rock Audit link.

According to the email, academic advisers help guide students to make the best decisions based on their major, minors and certificates. They will provide students with accurate information and will recommend the appropriate classes available to fulfill their degree requirements without “wasting time and money on irrelevant classes,” the email said.

The Office of Academic Records and Registration said that the administration in consultation with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) executive committee has decided to continue the use of registration PINs (RPINs) for scheduling courses for the spring 2021 semester. However, RPINs are not required for the winter 2020 registration.

RPINs are meant to encourage students to meet with their advisers and make progress in their program promptly, according to the email. Faculty were sent their advisees’ RPINs as of Oct. 9, and students will receive their pins after they meet with their adviser.

The registration tab in MySRU features step-by-step directions under the registration steps section. These steps include the following: prepare for registration, my rock audit, adviser information, browse classes, register for classes and print schedule.

Students have multiple resources available to them to help with the registration process. A student guide to registration, a document that details the registration process step-by-step on MySRU, was included in the email sent to students.

The academics tab in MySRU includes step-by-step videos in the help and tutorials channel. Additionally, The Rock Learning Now website includes resources to help students through the process under the registration resources as well.

When first-year students register, they will enter under the Rock Studies program. Students entering the university for the first time and undergraduate readmissions may also enter under Rock Studies. Students that are unsure whether they fall under one of these categories can check their My Rock Audit.

Students in the Rock Studies program will be required to complete a Thematic Thread. For those who have this requirement, it can be found in their audit under “Thematic Thread Requirement” in the Rock Studies block. The email from the Office of Academic Records and Registration also included an attachment for more details on Thematic Threads.

When registering for classes, if a student is unable to add a class, contact the professor that is teaching that specific course. Whether a professor can use an override permit or not will be dependent on the error message received.

Registration for repeat courses is available online. Repeated courses are monitored to make sure they comply with SRU’s course repeat policy, the email said.

The Office of Academic Records and Registration encourages students to talk with faculty about other issues they may have, like dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the online learning environment, graduation requirements, post-graduation plans and any other concern they may have.

The email added that undergraduate students that are not returning to SRU in the spring for any reason other than graduation should contact the Office for Inclusive Excellence in the Smith Student Center room 234 at 724.738.2700 or at


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