At its last formal meeting of the semester, the Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SGA) met Monday night to discuss multiple finance motions, including a proposal about a potential tuition increase in the future.

President Behre, Amanda Yale and Molly Mercer presented to SGA their ideas for a potential increase in tuition.

When this motion was brought to the floor, the motion failed with a vote of 10 votes for and 10 votes against, along with 5 abstentions.

In other finance motions, SGA approved:

  • The constitutional amendments as proposed by the Rules and Policies committee
  • Men’s Club Lacrosse’s request for $8,414.99 for helmets and a helmet rack
  • The Rocket’s request for $26,026 for computers and a printer for 220A in the Eisenberg Classroom Building
  • The Student Association of American Academy of Physician Assistants request for $8,090 for their trip to the AAPA National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee that will cover conference registration, hotel lodging for five nights, flights from Pittsburgh to Nashville, meals, van rentals and Ubers
  • Intramural Sports’ request for $8,014.44 for entry fees for the NIRSA National Flag Football that will cover flights, hotel lodging, a rental vehicle for an SUV and a rental vehicle for a van

SGA also approved the motion of Rockem Sockem Improv becoming a new organization at SRU.

The next town hall meeting will be next semester on Jan. 28. The topics for next semester’s town hall meetings are yet to be determined, but SGA said the topic of campus inclusion is one of them.

President Nicole Dunlop said the year went really well for SGA, especially in terms of committees.

“I really think that each committee has done something exceptional,” Dunlop said. “For example, with our social media, the outreach committee has really transformed that with posting other clubs, organizations and events, and it’s little things like that that can be really transforming for SGA.”

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Nina Cipriani
Nina is a freshman majoring in communications: converged journalism. She has always wanted to be a journalist. In the beginning, around elementary school, she wanted to become an author and write a New York Times Bestseller. But since then, she has taken many English and journalism classes, and so her views of becoming that bestselling author altered dramatically. During high school, she was on the school newspaper staff freshman year to senior year. She also was the Editor In Chief of her high school newspaper during her senior year. As for her goals currently, she aspires to become a journalist for The New York Times. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and watching Netflix, but specifically Friends. She is thrilled to be The Rocket’s assistant news editor, and she can’t wait to see what SRU has in store for her in the future.


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