New Handshake launch focuses on career development

Published by Haley Potter, Date: September 5, 2019

The new Handshake app has been put into place at SRU to allow students to easily find jobs and connect with professionals in their industry at the touch of their hands.

This new website and app are taking the place of the previous Career Connection website and Renee Coyne, the Assistant Director of Career Education and Development, said that employees like this new platform better for posting jobs and students like it better as well.

Handshake can be found by going to or on the mobile app,

“This is a new software that helps us with career appointments, events, job fairs, job postings, internship postings, and on-campus employment as well,” Coyne said.

The on-campus job feature is something new, but it gives new students the opportunity to see how they can get a job on campus without being overwhelmed, Coyne explained. She also said other local companies in Slippery Rock and Grove City post part time and seasonal jobs that students can apply to right from the website or app.

“This feature is great for newer students looking for on-campus jobs,” Coyne said. “It is stressful figuring out who hires and what to do, but with Handshake it is all in one place.”

Coyne also said that this app is perfect for career and professional development for the older students.

“This is all part of the four-year plan for students,” Coyne said. “You need to take these steps toward a meaningful and purposeful career.”

She said getting started looking for jobs and internships early is strongly encouraged and that Handshake does a good job helping students put themselves out there. The app is very similar to LinkedIn, because students create a profile, can upload documents and resumes, have the ability to message employees and other students, and post questions on their status.

“One of the compelling benefits of the website is that the job postings are broader, deeper, and more connected than in past years,” Coyne said.

There have already been 1,000 job postings since the website launched in July. Coyne said there were about 1,000 jobs posted throughout the entire year last year.

“This is a huge increase, and it is mainly because the expanse of companies and types of positions are broader, more unique, and more focused,” Coyne said.

She also said employers can post jobs and then pick what schools can see the job postings, making it easier than the previous system when employees had to list their jobs to each individual school.

Every SRU student already has a Handshake account. Coyne said the accounts are preloaded from Banner and students can log in with their SRU username and password. Students can apply for jobs right from Handshake, and they can also schedule career appointments and sign up for career fairs. Alumni are also welcome to keep their accounts when they graduate, they will just have to transfer their account to being an alumni account with a new email.

Coyne said that this new app is beneficial for everyone and that she encourages students of all ages to get ahead of the game and start thinking about career development.

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