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Published by , Date: May 2, 2019

April 25 – A person went to the police station and stated that while parked in West Lake Commuter Lot, their vehicle was struck. The person showed the officer yellow paint that was on the bumper and that a yellow vehicle was parked next to hers. The reporting officers reviewed camera systems and at no time did any other vehicle strike the caller’s vehicle. The case was unfounded.

April 25 – A Campbell shuttle bus driver telephoned police and stated that a male was standing by the e-phone near Service Drive. The caller stated she was concerned in regards to the middle and high school letting out soon. The person was from town and periodically walks around campus. All was OK, and police took no further action.

April 26 – Police received an intruder alarm at Smith Student Center. The alarm was set off by an employee entering the location and not entering the code in time. The alarm system was reset.

April 26 – University police unit struck another vehicle in a parking lot along Harmony Road. There was minor damage, and no injuries were reported. Information was exchanged, Safety was notified and a report was filed.

April 26 – Allen Davis, 20, was cited with driving under the influence.

April 27 – Borough police requested university police with a possible driving under the influence charge on West Water Street. University police stayed on location until Pry’s Towing arrived and towed the vehicle.

April 27 – State police requested university police for a large fight in progress at University Village. The crowd started to disperse upon seeing university police arrive. One person appeared to have a bloody eye and broken glasses, and an apartment door and wall appeared to be damaged. State police arrived on scene and took over the investigation. University police stayed on scene until the crown dispersed and took no further action.

April 27 – Police were dispatched to Building B for a person who may have needed medical attention. The officer made contact and transported the person to the Student Health Center.

April 27 – Police were dispatched to Eisenberg Classroom Building for a complaint of an unknown individual that left a threatening message on person’s voicemail. The case is under investigation.

April 27 – Police received a call of a female who may have been assaulted at Smith Student Center. The officer reviewed security camera footage and contacted individuals. The female refused to file a complaint with police. The incident was referred to Conflict and Resolution.

April 28 – While on patrol, an officer observed an individual sitting on a bench by the pond along North Road discard an unknown item into the pond. The officer identified the person and discovered that the item was a baseball. The person was advised and then retrieved the baseball from the pond. Police took no further action.

April 29 – Police are investigating a theft in Building D.

April 29 – A person from Eisenberg Classroom Building wanted to report a possible harassment.

April 29 – Borough police requested assistance in locating a person. The person was found on Water Street and taken into custody.

April 29 – State police requested assistance on a traffic stop on Normal Avenue. One person was taken into custody.

April 29 – Jonathan Trimpey, 21, was cited with simple assault.

April 30 – Police received an elevator alarm in Eisenberg Classroom Building. No one responded to the dispatcher. The officer checked the elevator and all floors and the alarm appeared to be an accidental activation.

April 30 – Police received a complaint of unauthorized vehicles parked in Water Tower Commuter Parking Lot. While the officer was checking the lot, the officer observed an unauthorized temporary pass on the vehicle. The case is under investigation.

April 30 – Police were dispatched to Founders Lower Commuter Lot for a traffic accident. The person was packing out of a parking space and struck another oncoming vehicle. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were drivable. Both parties exchanged information.

April 30 – Police received a call from a concerned parent who was unable to contact their son in Building D and requested police to conduct a welfare check. Officers made contact, and the person was sleeping and did not hear the phone ring. The person called his parent and all was OK.

May 1 – A person called to report two males, seemingly older than average college students, were outside of The Rocket office in Eisenberg Classroom Building. The officers checked the building and surrounding area and were unable to locate the two males.

May 1 – Police received a fire alarm activation from Old Main. Dispatch was unable to contact Safety. Police were on scene. The alarm appeared to be activated by carpet cleaners spraying aerosol onto the carpet. The alarm system was reset.

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