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Published by , Author: Hannah Shumsky - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 18, 2019

April 12 – Pennsylvania State Police were at the university police station to use the Daramaster with a person suspected of driving under the influence.

April 12 – Police conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle violation at Alumni Commuter Lot. Officers observed alcohol in the rear of the vehicle. Jacob Cain, 19, was cited with a vehicle violation.

April 12 – Borough police requested assistance with executing a search warrant on borough resident. One person was taken into custody.

April 12 – A community assistant from Watson Hall called to report an alcohol violation that was occurring inside a dorm room. Officers contacted the individuals and found alcohol. Megan Cordell, 18, Tyler Gmerek, 18, Benjamin Kurczewski, 19, Scott Loughley, 19, Ian Steff, 19, and Evan Wagner, 19, were all cited with alcohol violations.

April 13 – State police requested university police to check on an individual wearing a black hoodie attempting to enter parked vehicles at South Rock Apartments. University police spoke to the person and officers observed marking on a window where an attempt was made. Police checked the area and the suspect was gone on arrival. State police were on location and are investigating the incident.

April 13 – State police requested university police assistance after the person in the black hoodie broke out a window of a parked vehicle at South Rock Apartments. University police on scene discovered that a passenger side rear window was smashed out. Police spoke to the owner of the vehicle and found no belongings were stolen. State police are responding and investigating the incident.

April 13 – While on patrol, officers approached a motor vehicle that was running in Union Commuter Lot. Officers discovered that a person was sleeping in the rear of the vehicle.  The person was advised to go to their dorm room to sleep.

April 14 – Borough police requested assistance with a traffic stop on Franklin Street. University police transported an individual to the Heights complex.

April 14 – Police on patrol observed two individuals along Stadium Drive who appeared to be upset. Officers made contact and all appeared to be OK. Persons stated they were there to visit a friend. Contact was made, and the friend arrived at the location.

April 14 – A caller reported a male and female arguing in Founders Resident Parking Lot. Police checked on them, and the person involved did not want anything done.

April 14 – Police received a call to check on a person in Building B who was having problems. Officers ended up letting the person use their personal cell phone to make a call because their phone was not working. Officers cleared, and the person will follow up on appropriate services.

April 14 – Police observed two persons urinating outside in Swope Parking Lot. Both persons were identified and referred to student conduct.

April 14 – Police was notified of a highly intoxicated female in Swope Parking Lot. The female was taken to the Health Center and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Lydia Baird, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation.

April 14 – Police observed a person urinating outside in Swope Parking Lot. The person was highly intoxicated and denied entry to the concert. Alex Worthington, 19, was cited with disorderly conduct.

April 14 – Police are investigating a theft at Aebersold Recreation Center. Charges are pending.

April 14 – Police transported a female from Aebersold Recreation Center to the Health Center to be checked out for possible consumption of intoxicating beverages.

April 14 – Police observed two intoxicated females. One was taken to the Health Center and the other was picked up by a friend. Shaylynn Karl, 19, and Courtney Doyle, 19, were cited with alcohol violations.

April 15 – Police received a call from 911 that they are receiving hang-up calls from Rhoads Hall. At the same time, Health Center called and said an unknown person was passed out by the doorway. An ambulance was called and the person was taken to the hospital.

April 15 – Police were called by state police to respond to a house alarm on Maple Street. Officers found no one inside. Officers secured the door after leaving.

April 15 – Police were dispatched for a vehicle accident in West Lake Commuter Lot. A vehicle struck another vehicle while attempting to park in a parking spot. No injuries were reported and both parties exchanged information.

April 15 – Police received a call from a person stating that they caught a male actor going through their wallet on the third floor of Bailey Library. Police reviewed the camera system and are attempting to identify the actor. The case is under investigation.

April 15 – Police received a fire alarm activation in North Hall. The alarm was set off by burnt food. The alarm system was reset.

April 16 – Police were dispatched to Advanced Technology and Science Hall for a person who had a seizure and was conscious and breathing. The person refused EMS. Police transported the person to the Health Center.

April 17 – A nurse from the Health Center called and requested an ambulance to be dispatched for an individual who was having an allergic reaction. Butler Control was notified, and an ambulance was dispatched.

April 17 – Butler Control called university police and advised that an ambulance was being dispatched for a person having chest pains in Aebersold Recreation Center. University police and EMS arrived on scene, and the person was transported to Butler Memorial Hospital.

April 17 – Faculty personnel at Harrisville Building requested police assistance with a person who was to be dismissed from the program. There was an officer on scene, and all was OK.

April 17 – Borough police requested assistance with a fight at Madison Grove complex. While university police were en route, borough police called and canceled assistance. No further action was taken.

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