Flyer vandalized

Published by , Author: Angela Jacoway - Rocket Contributor , Date: February 17, 2019
The vandalized flyer discovered by tow anonymous students was covered with racist language.

A flyer listing events on campus to honor Black History Month in Rhoads Hall was discovered to have been vandalized on Saturday with racist language.

The events flyer was noticed by a student on the third floor of Rhoads Hall on a bulletin board near one of the bathrooms. Afterwards, the individual asked their friend about the flyer and took pictures as proof.

A friend of the anonymous individual said that she saw the flyer prior to that day. After just quickly glancing at it, she thought the marker was a part of the design.

The individual who found the flyer took action and removed it from the bulletin board. Soon after, he filed an incident report to ensure safety.

In response to this incident, a group of SRU students wore all black clothing to unite together and posed for a picture in the Robert M. Smith Student Center. Residence Life will be working with student leaders and the Office for Inclusive Excellence to have further communication on this issue.


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