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2/7/19 Blotter

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2/7/19 Blotter

Graphic by Victoria Davis

Graphic by Victoria Davis

Graphic by Victoria Davis

Hannah Shumsky, Assistant News Editor

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February 1 – Police received a medical call from Building E. Police checked on the person. An ambulance was dispatched and transported the person to the hospital.

February 2 – Police responded to a vehicle accident at Central Loop. After reviewing camera footage, a person was cited for failure to stop at the posted stop sign.

February 3 – Police were called for an unknown person banging on a residence door in Building D. Police responded and identified the person. The person was removed from the building.

February 3 – A case from Jan. 30 was resolved. Andrew Weese, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation.

February 4 – Police were called for a medical emergency in Smith Student Center. An ambulance was dispatched and transported the person to the hospital.

February 4 – A person reported that a vehicle hit their parked car in Swope Commuter Lot. A note was placed on windshield by a witness who observed the accident. The case is under investigation.

February 5 – Police were called to check on a person in Rhoads Hall. The person was taken to the police station, and a relative picked up the person to take them home.

February 5 – Police received a call from a nurse in Ohio to report that a student was assaulted on Feb. 2. The victim did not want to give a name, location of the incident or any other details of the assault.

February 5 – Police received Metis activation from Swope Music Hall. The alarm was accidentally tripped, and the panel was reset.

February 6 – Police responded to a fire alarm in Aebersold Recreation Center. Police checked the area and discovered that a child pulled the alarm. The panel was then reset.

February 6 – Health Center requested an officer and an ambulance to transport a patient to the hospital.

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2/7/19 Blotter