11/29/18 Blotter

Published by , Author: Hannah Shumsky - Assistant News Editor, Date: November 29, 2018

November 15 – While on patrol, police noticed a vehicle accident on Harmony Road. One car was towed with damage to a stop sign. The driver was not injured.

November 16 – Police were called about branches down on a car in the Upper Stadium Lot. Police are trying to locate the owner.

November 16 – Police received a call for a person having an asthma attack in Rock Apartments #1. An ambulance was dispatched, and the person was taken to the hospital.

November 17 – Police received a call from a community assistant in Building E for an odor of marijuana. Alexander Vilchek, 19, was cited with disorderly conduct.

November 18 – State police called university police for a home invasion on Hines Road. Officers took one suspect into custody and secured the scene until state police arrived.

November 19 – Police received a smoke detector activation from Watson Hall. The case was burnt food.

November 20 – Police received a call from Bessemer police for a juvenile, 16, who has been missing since Nov. 16 and may have been in North Hall. Responding officers located the individual at the Advanced Technology and Science Hall and transported him back to the police station. The juvenile was in possession of drug paraphernalia and was cited with disorderly conduct. The juvenile’s father came to the police station to pick him up. No further action was taken by university police.

November 20 – Police were dispatched to Rhoads Hall for a fire alarm activation that caused the building to be evacuated. The alarm was set off by burnt food, and the alarm was reset.

November 21 – Police received a call from a community assistant in Building E who stated that drug-related items were discovered in an unoccupied room during health and safety inspection. The case was referred to Conflict and Resolution.

November 23 – Police received an alarm for an ATM machine in the Smith Student Center. The ATM was checked and appeared fine. The alarm company was notified.

November 23 – State police requested assistance for a large fight at University Village. Police had person(s) in custody. State police are handling the call.

November 24 – Police received a smoke detector activation from Rock Apartments #5. The room was checked, and the cause was burnt food.

November 25 – A person reported that they backed into another car in Stadium Lot B and left information on the other car.

November 26 – A Metis alarm was activated in Eisenberg Classroom Building by a person requesting police for a student feeling ill. Police responded and checked on the person. The person was taken to the health center by police.

November 26 – A person called to report that a car hit theirs and wanted police. Information was gathered by police. One driver has a suspended driver’s license and was cited. Information was exchanged by both parties.

November 26 – State police requested assistance to locate a driver who seemed confused and disorientated for a welfare check. University police found the car and person on Harmony Road. An ambulance was also dispatched to check on the person.

November 28 – Police received a call for a person who fell down a set of steps outside University Union. Police checked on the person, who refused any medical treatment.

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