President’s commissions searching for new members

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: April 30, 2018

All seven presidential commissions at SRU are seeking applications to become affiliated with promoting a better campus community.

The president’s commissions include the commission on Wellness, Disability Issues, Sustainability, Gender Identity & Expression and Sexual Orientation, Women, Veterans and Military Affairs, and Racial and Ethnic Diversity. Tina Moser, SRU’s Chief of Staff, is excited at the prospect of new faculty and staff getting involved with the commissions.

“All of the commissions are dedicated to create an engaged, welcoming campus environment,” Moser said. “I think it’s exciting that new members will be able to help keep campus respectful and open.”

Positions for each commission are self-nominated, with any staffer being encouraged to submit a letter of interest, according to Moser. Applicants will then be vetted by the co-chairs of each commission and appointed by interim President Dr. Philip Way. Moser said that all appointments will be made by Way by the end of the semester in order to allow them to prepare for the 2018 Fall semester.

The seven commissions organize events on campus to bring attention towards students who may be marginalized or underrepresented on campus, in addition to encouraging students to live healthy lifestyles and promote an environmentally friendly campus. Moser said that anyone who has the interest to be engaged and make a difference on campus should apply.

“The will to go above and beyond is a great quality that I think the president’s commissions are always looking for,” Moser said. “Good things come out of people coming together and being committed to being inclusive and boosting awareness. Those are personal qualities that we’re definitely looking for.”

Moser also said that it is important for students to get involved with the commissions as well. Currently, one member of the Student Government Association and one member of the student public relations group Rock PRoductions is assigned to each commission. Moser reiterated that these commissions were created to help students be the best they could be.

“Student engagement is an integral part of whether or not these commissions succeed,” Moser said. “Students should follow the initiative of administration and be active in spreading awareness and building a respectful campus.”


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