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Blotter 3/1/18

Adam Zook, Assistant News Editor

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February 23- Person reported that she was in a minor accident on Service Drive. She notified police because she felt the other driver was acting out of anger. Both parties exchanged information.

February 23- The community assistant at Building D notified police of an alcohol violation. The person(s) involved were referred to student conduct.

February 24- Police observed someone carrying a stop sign on Morrow Way. Killian Badstibner, was stopped and cited with an alcohol violation upon being examined by the reporting officer.

February 25- Police received a call about an individual passed out in a car in the Rhoads Hall staff lot. The person was transported to the hospital by ambulance from the scene.

February 25- Police received a call for a person having an allergic reaction in Building A. An ambulance was dispatched and the individual was transported to the hospital.

February 26- Police are investigating a report of possible criminal mischief in Patterson Hall.

February 27- Police received a call that individuals were attempting to light a fire at the Intramural Fields. Upon checking out the scene, police spoke with the parties involved and advised them not to proceed.

February 27- Police received a call about an issue with an employee at Weisenfluh. Police are currently investigating the incident.

February 28- Police received a fire alarm from Building E. The cause was determined to be steam from one of the showers.

February 28- Police received a fire alarm from Rock Apartment #7. The cause was found to be burnt food.


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Blotter 3/1/18