SGA executive board deems first semester a success

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assitant News Editor, Date: December 7, 2017

Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) President Rachael Lawler and VP of Finance Riley Keffer are winding down the fall semester of their senior year. After being elected last spring, both are pleased with the progress they have made this fall towards reaching some of their overarching goals.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved so far with the Social Justice Committee. Our relationship we have built with them means a lot to me,” Lawler said. “The fact that they have a seat at the table and engage in e-board meetings is wonderful. They have been a great asset to us this semester.”

“I’m pretty happy with the progress made with the Social Justice Committee, but I’m even happier to hear more critical thought from senators at our meetings,” Keffer said. “The engagement from our senators particularly with the presidential search trying to address what’s best for students. That’s been really encouraging.”

The Social Justice Committee is set to be promoted from an ad-hoc committee to standing in February of 2018, with the effects taking place the following academic year. Filling the VP of Internal Affairs position previously held by Lexi Foster will also be a top priority for next year. Both Lawler and Keffer outlined what they’re looking for in a replacement in the spring.

“We really want someone who’s experienced with this organization since they’ll be coming in mid-semester. Internal Affairs is all about being approachable and personable. Whoever gets the job will constantly be in touch with senate and organize all fundraising aspects of SGA,” Lawler said.

“People will knowledge of how things work with SGA will certainly have preference. There’s a number of candidates who are qualified for the position who will have to be ready to hit the ground running once they get sworn in. I’m looking forward to the new ideas of whoever we select to fill the position,” Keffer said.

The executive board hopes to have the position filled by their next formal meeting on January 29. Anyone who has attended two formal meetings and a finance meeting can apply. Applicants must also be classified as a Sophomore 1 and have been enrolled at least two semesters at SRU.

The board is hoping to continue what they considered a successful first semester into 2018. Lawler and Keffer are looking to meet some of their final goals before they graduate this spring.

“I really want senators and my fellow e-board members to continue to be as engaged as we have been. Using our critical thinking skills as a  cohesive unit is the best way to make sure we adequately address what students care about,” Keffer said.

“I would like to continue to foster our positive relationships with student organizations. We’ve made baby steps towards being more inclusive, reaching out to multicultural students and having productive dialogue. I think the more we engage, the more progress we’ll make moving forward,” Lawler said.

This has been a busy semester for SGA, who allocated a total of $1,757,346.70 this semester, $51,818.16 of which was new initiative requests. Five new clubs were recognized and they recently finished up conducting their annual student life survey. Of the students who responded, 18 percent said that they feel as though they have been discriminated against for their sexual orientation, race, or gender. This statistic did not fall on deaf ears however, and will be addressed by the board moving forward.

The SGA’s first formal meeting of the 2018 spring semester will take place on January 29 in the Student Center Theater at 8:45 pm.

Both Lawler and Keffer will graduate this coming spring. Elections for the 2018-19 executive board will also take place next semester in April. Students can visit SGA’s website at


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