Blotter 11/30/17

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: December 1, 2017


November 23- A community assistant in Building F requested an ambulance for an individual to be transported to the hospital.

November 23- Police were called to North Hall for a female who had fallen and hit her head. An ambulance was dispatched and she was taken to the hospital.

November 27- Police were requested to check a burglary alarm at Slippery Rock High School. Upon arriving at the scene, it was determined that all was fine and the assistant principal was inside.

November 27- An individual living in Building E reported to police that they were being harassed but did not wish to press charges. They were referred back to residence life to have the offender removed from the residence.

November 28- Police received an alarm from Building B. A hairdryer had set the alarm off. While in the building, a resident stopped officers and said they had detected an odor of smoke coming from the laundry room. The cause was an overloaded washing machine; maintenance responded to fix the issue.

November 29- Police received an intruder alarm from the Harrisville Building. It was determined that no one was inside the building and it was secured.

November 29- Vehicle was booted in the Founders Upper Lot for unpaid parking tickets.

November 29- Vehicle was booted in the Building F circle lot for unpaid parking tickets.

November 29- Police received a call from the community assistant in Building B for drug activity. Upon investigation, it was determined that the report was founded and an individual will be cited for an alcohol violation.