President’s Commission promotes many aspects of wellness

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: September 14, 2017

The President’s Commission on Wellness was started by former President Cheryl Norton five years ago, with the purpose of the commission to promote wellness among the student body at Slippery Rock in all aspects of life.

The areas of wellness that are promoted include physical, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and occupational.

Betsy Kemeny and Joyan Urda serve as co-chairs for the commission. This is Kemeny’s second and last year as chair and Urda’s first year. Kemeny will complete her two year term following the 2018 spring semester.

“I’ve been involved with promoting wellness on campus before the commission was created,” Kemeny said. “I’ve always wanted to advocate for on-campus recreation and think this commission is a great way to provide students with wellness geared activity.”

Urda shared Kemeny’s enthusiasm about being involved with the commission, an opportunity that she intends to make the most of.

“I felt compelled to get involved because I really believe in what this commission is trying to achieve,” Urda said. “I just love that we are able to provide wellness opportunities for students and staff alike. I am proud to chair what I consider such an asset to Slippery Rock.”

The commission works primarily to coordinate on-campus events for students and professors. In addition to self nominated co-chairs, other professors and university officials are members of the commission. Senior officials from AVI Food Systems get involved by working to introduce healthier food choices at on-campus dining facilities like Boozel or Weisenfluh. Several students serve on the commission as well, with groups like Active Minds helping to coordinate events.

“Perhaps the most important thing we do is tell students about the great opportunities that are already available to them,” Kemeny said. “We want students to know about their opportunities in addition to the events we organize throughout the year.”

For the month of September alone, the Wellness Commission offers a diverse set of activities for students and staff. Spiritual activities such as meditation are often paired with more physical activity, such as Wednesday’s Active Meditation Hike during common hour. David Jorda, business professor, is holding a financial wellness event on September 21, helping students in the occupational aspect of their lives. Juliana Gabany, a member of Active Minds, is holding a suicide prevention event on September 25 in the quad. The commission also organizes the fitness classes regularly held at the ARC throughout the year.

No Impact Week will take place on September 24 through September 30, and will focus on educating students on ways to help reduce their carbon footprint. This will be the last event for the month of September, with a new host of activities slated for the month of October.

“This is a great way for people in exercise science, athletic training and other majors to get involved and get active,” Kemeny said. “We’re more than excited about all the activities we have to offer this year.”


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