Off-campus apartments, students help donate clothes to Texas

Published by adviser, Author: Daniel DiFabio - News Editor , Date: September 14, 2017

Off-campus apartments and the club baseball team partnered up to help gather and donate clothes to help relief efforts for Texas, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Mark Fort, owner and operating manager of Stoneworth Apartments, said he had been thinking about donating clothes for some time, and after putting flyers on the doors of tenants, saw there was interest all around for donations. Fort then talked with other off campus apartments, who also agreed to donate clothes.

“Nobody was hesitating to donate,” Fort said.

A four-day collection was set up from Sept. 5-8. Fort said that one day after collecting the clothes he went to the Regal Theatre in Butler and saw that the truck was full of clothes front to back with donations, and 20 people were sorting clothes and water. Fort said, in total three trucks went down to Texas and that over 600 pieces of clothes were donated, coming from students and off campus apartments, including The Heights, University Village, The Grove, South Rock, Copper St. Apartments, Wester Water St. Townhouse, Slippery Rock Apartments, Stoneworth and Campus Side Apartments.

Austin Robinson, safety management major and club baseball president, also set up a table for donations, and said that students were bringing in clothes and some monetary donations.

“It was really quick, I asked guys on our team and they were all for it,” Robinson said. “We got a lot more than I was expecting for only having a table for two days, it was pretty cool to see.”

Fort said he felt great everyone chipped in and no one hesitated to help, and that he felt very proud after seeing the community come together.


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