Blotter 8/31/17

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: August 31, 2017


August 24- A nurse at the health center requested an ambulance to be dispatched for a patient. When the patient began to cause problems with EMT, nurses requested police assistance.

August 25- Police received an alarm inside a room. Upon arrival, it was discovered that Evan Gazda, 19, had removed the smoke detector head from the ceiling. Gaza was charged with disorderly conduct.

August 26- Police received a call for an odor of marijuana in Building E. Charges will be filed by police against Nathan Freund, 18, for disorderly conduct.

August 26- Police received a call for a possible drug violation in Building E. A Slippery Rock student, 17, was taken into custody and charged with a drug violation.

August 27- Police received a call for reports of an individual passed out inside a car outside of Suite F. Blaze Kansco, 18, and Danny Dinh, 18, were charged by police with alcohol violations.

August 27- Police on patrol checked out a person sitting by the roadway. After speaking with Derek Szymkowski, 19, police determined that he was highly intoxicated. Szymkowski was taken to the health center and charged with an alcohol violation.

August 30- Police were called to Building B for a drug violation.  Items were seized and Kathryn Reed, 18 and Briana Willis, 18, were charged with disorderly conduct.


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