Blotter 5/4/17

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: May 4, 2017


April 28- Collin Carter, 20, Alek Lichniak, 20, Jermaine Taylor, 20 and Zaysha Tyson-Ford, 20, were all issued alcohol violations after police received a call from the CA in Building B.

April 28- Borough Police requested assistance for a person causing a disturbance at McDonald’s on South Main Street; person was transported to the hospital.

April 29- Eric Brown, 21, was cited for public drunkenness after police patrolling the Central Loop noticed him trying to enter ATS while visibly intoxicated.

April 29- Police received a call for person(s) breaking into Kraus Hall. Police found five individuals, charges pending.

April 29- Person called to report damage to the front door of Rock Apartment #6; after investigation, police found the person who broke the door handle.

April 30- Police patrolling near Lower Stadium C noticed a person slumped over the steering wheel. Person was ID and transported back to SRUPD and arrested for suspicion for DUI.

May 3- Police were dispatched to the Smith Student Center for a report of an individual that stayed in the building after hours, gained access to the roof, and placed a banner. The individual was identified and the case was sent to student standards.

May 3- Slippery Rock ambulance was dispatched to the Health Center and transported individual in need to the Grove City Medical Center.

May 3- Police dispatched for an individual in Art Building 1 who had been using spray paint inside of the building, which is not permitted. Case is under investigation.


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