GET app lets students add flex and track meal swipes

Published by Haley Potter, Author: Haley Potter - Rocket Contributor , Date: April 6, 2017

SRU students can now download the GET app, which helps students manage their on-campus flex funds and locate places to eat.

The app was created by the university along with enterprise applications. AVI’s resident director, Mark Lisowski, mentioned that AVI fully supports the university in their decision to make this app.

Beverly Lumley, SRU information technology generalist, said that this app is very convenient for students to track their meal swipes, add flex dollars, find places on campus to eat, report their identification card as missing and so much more.

“Prior to the app, students had to log onto their MySRU accounts to add flex funds to their accounts, which was a long process that often took 24 hours,” Lumley said. “With this app, money is added instantly with full proof for margin of human error.”

GET can be found in the app store or on the web at GET accounts are merged with students’ SRU portal accounts to make log-in much simpler, Lumley said.

“This app is just so convenient,” Lumley said. “Students and parents have the ability to see where the card has been used and the app is extremely user-friendly.”

In the future, Lumley said that they want to add more features to the app that will benefit students. Some of those features include having an available secure barcode in the app that can be used in place of the card at food venues on campus. Another update would allow for students to potentially have the opportunity to take their own picture to use as their ID picture, as long as it meets qualifications. Lastly, Lumley said the university wants to add a GETfood feature, so that students can preorder food and set a time to pick it up between classes or while on a tight schedule.

“We have gotten all positive feedback from this app so far,” Lumley said. “Students love it.”

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