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Services inside Bailey Library help students with writing and research

Haley Potter, Rocket Contributor

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Bailey Library is not only home to a wide variety of books from all genres, authors and time periods, but it also houses services like the Writing Center, Tutorial Center, Technology Center, Research Center and the circulation desk that helps students.

The Writing Center is operated by the English Department and assists students in enhancing their writing skills. This facility is for students of all disciplines, not just English or communications.

Another service is the Tutorial Center which consists of workers willing to help students either struggling in a class or who just want some extra help. Specialized tutors are assigned to students signing up for help in particular subject matters.

The Technology Learning Center (TLC) is another service found in Bailey Library.

“This is a peer-to-peer learning environment to help students with technology,” Jennifer Bartek, manager of library operations, said. The TLC offers Macs, Adobe Software and more for students to get their hands on to gain experience in technology and be able to excel on their presentations and projects.

“The idea behind this is, if students have questions about technology that a librarian cannot answer, graphic design and computer science students are utilized to help,” Bartek said.

The Research Center is also located in the library and serves as a spot for students to find information on almost any topic with professionals that are willing to help, with multiple librarians on staff with expertise in different subject matters.

“A lot of students do not realize that there is a librarian specifically in their major to help,” business and English librarian Rocco Cremonese said.

The circulation desk is located in the lobby of the library and it is where students can check out books, reserve items and receive library loans from other libraries to ensure that all students get the books that they need.

The Bailey Library works hard to adapt to best fit the needs of the students.

“We have a new print station that has so much power to it,” Bartek said. “You can print in not only black and white, but also in color. Students can also tell the printer if their assignments need to be three-hole-punched or stapled.”

“There are many students already using these services, but we would always love to see even more students coming out to benefit from the number of services that the library offers,” Cremonese said.

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An Independent, Student-Run Newspaper at Slippery Rock University
Services inside Bailey Library help students with writing and research