Blotter 2/10/17

Published by adviser, Author: Logan Campbell - Asst. News Editor, Date: February 9, 2017


February 3- Police were called to check on a person in Building D. The person was taken to the Health Center.

February 3- Police were called to take a report for harassment in Building E, and the case is under investigation.

February 3- Police were called to McKay for a suspicious person who asked for information on a student. Police found the person, who wanted to surprise his girlfriend. No other action was taken.

February 3- Person came into the campus police station to report an assault that occurred at the University Village. State police were notified and interviewed the victim at SRUPD.

February 4- A desk attendant in Building F called about an intoxicated person in the lobby. The person was transported to the police station and released to his mother. A citation was issued for underage consumption.

February 4- A CA in Building A called police about alcohol found in the resident’s room. The person was referred to student standards.

February 4- Chloe Coluccio, 18; Annabelle Land, 18; Kaleb Riehl, 20; Derek Szymkowski, 18; and Emily Walker, 18, were all charged with an alcohol violation in Building B.

February 5- Person called 911 and said they had been robbed along Morrow Way. Police found this to be false and charges are pending.

February 5- Person walked into the station to report they backed into a vehicle in the Kraus Hall Parking Lot, and wanted police to know. Person said he will meet up with the owner of the car and exchange information.

February 6- SRUPD observed a vehicle hit another car along Rock Pride Drive, while making an illegal right turn. Information was exchanged between the drivers, and a citation was filed for the driver.

February 6- Jacob Gambino, 18, was charged with a drug violation after police observed him and a group of people in the Rock Hall Lot. The rest of the students were referred to student conduct.

February 6- Dylan Harding, 18, was charged with a drug violation after police observed him smoking marijuana outside Building F.

February 7- Chloe Coluccio, 18, and Brandon Etter, 20, were charged with a drug violation after a CA called about a marijuana odor coming from the room. Drug items were found upon further inspection.

February 7- Police observed two cars off Kiester Road which were involved in a traffic accident. No injuries were reported and both parties exchanged information.

February 7- A CA in North Hall found drug paraphernalia in a room with a person who was not returning to school. The items were turned over to police.

February 7- Cheyenne Jackson, 21, was charged with harassment after an incident in Watson Hall.


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