Blotter 2/2/17

Published by adviser, Author: Logan Campbell - Asst. News Editor, Date: February 2, 2017


January 27- Police assisted PSP for an intoxicated person at the Grove who needed transportation to the Health Center.

January 28- Kaley Booher, 20 and Jordan Mann, 19, were charged with alcohol violations.

January 28- Alexandria Bronson, 19, was charged with an alcohol violation.

January 29- PSP called Campus Police for assistance with a fight at University Village. One person was taken into custody by PSP.

January 29- Police while on patrol noticed “Turfing” at Building F. Maintenance was notified and the case is under investigation.

January 30- A traffic stop along Kiester Road resulted in the driver being arrested for suspicion of DUI, charges are pending.

January 31- Person reported damage to his vehicle in the Stadium Parking Lot. The case is under investigation.

February 1- Report of a cell phone being stolen while the individual was playing basketball is under investigation.

February 1- A traffic stop along Harmony Road resulted in a citation for expired registration.

February 1- A traffic stop conducted along Central Loop resulted in a citation for a failure to stop at a posted stop sign.

February 1- Police assisted Slippery Rock Borough Police with a domestic at a residence on Madison Grove.


December 5- A theft from a Motor Vehicle was reported along Franklin Street.

December 6- Police responded to Madison Grove Apartments for a civil disturbance.

December 7- A resident on Center Street caught a white male with blonde hair in a ponytail removing items from his vehicle and then fled on foot.

December 8- A resident on East Water Street reported items stolen from her car overnight.

December 12- Brian Miller was arrested for retail theft at Sheetz.

December 13- A juvenile was arrested for retail theft at Sheetz.

December 13-  The Center Presbyterian Church reported criminal mischief to their property.

December 27-  Cody Isaacson was arrested for retail theft at Sheetz.

January 3-  Nicholas Lucia was charged with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct stemming from an incident in Oct. 2016.

January 7-  Duane Dehass Jr. was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, after a traffic violation along Grove City Road.

January 13- Austin Fleeger was cited for disorderly conduct in lieu of a drug violation.



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